Behind The Scenes: From Sketches to Print for General Tire.

1. THE FIRST CALL: After getting the email from my client, with the quick description of "photograph 2 top pro fishermen inside an office space", my brain started spinning with ideas. I immediately started sketching them out, which was super handy in the creative meeting later that week.

2. WALK THROUGH: The location was out of state, so a week before the shoot I hopped on a flight for a location scout. I took this time to shoot some quick down and dirty roughs with the producers as the talent, and some fancy photoshop after effects to boot.

3. PRE-LIGHT:  Once we got in town the week of the shoot, we asked for copy of the rough layout for the ad. This helped with the overall framing while we were pre-lighting.

4. ON SET: This particular shoot was paired up with a video crew, which meant I could only hire crew specific to my needs. (digital tech, 1st assistant) The rest of the crew would be shared from the video portion of the project. I was relieved and pleasantly surprised to find that the video crew had hired a representative from the animal rights protection agency since we were dealing with live fish. She was great to work with and we made sure to listen to her concerns and directions about keeping the fish healthy and happy. She had the power to shut the entire production down if we hadn’t.

5. TALENT: Meeting Skeet Reese and Edwin Evers was great! They were laid back and up for the challenge of the shoot. That's me talking threw the expressions we need, and letting him know about the guidelines for the fish.

6. LOCATION: On location things went smoothly with a little hiccup here and there, but because of our walk through we were prepared for anything.

7. EXTRA: With most jobs nowadays I end up shooting some small extra web content on top of the overall scope of work. I tend to shoot this to card while we run a backup on the computers. I really enjoy this time to get to know the talent and possibly shoot an interesting portrait.

8. SOMETIMES IT’S FAKE: Because of the angle we wanted to shoot at, and the way Edwin cast his line, we put up a fake door frame. This also allowed us to get a little closer in camera, giving us less post production work.

9. JUST A LITTLE TASTE: I love shooting tethered and being able to let the client and talent see where we are going with the overall look. I find it extremely beneficial for talent that might be a little reserved on set. 9 out of 10 times it helps loosen them up.

10/11. THE ADS

12. THE CREW: Having a great crew is, how do I put it … GREAT! When you get to just work with talent and fine tune the lighting, your job and the end results are better.

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